Two of the most prestigious lineage societies are the Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution. Documenting your lineage back to a Revolutionary War Patriot is immensely satisfying. What pride accompanies the knowledge of the personal sacrifices made in the war for American Independence (1775-1783) by our specific ancestors.

To belong to such a unique organization, one must identify a potential Revolutionary War participant through regular genealogical research. Men born between the late 1730’s to the early 1760’s were likely candidates. We build a pedigree between ourselves and these ancestors. We gather proof of his service as a Patriot. But the DAR and SAR registrars expect much more than a pedigree chart and some service records. They require primary source documentation for each event for every generation: proof of birth, marriage and death. This means collecting multiple genealogical records on each link in the pedigree. Before birth and death certificates were recorded, other types of proofs must be located. The organizations have exacting standards as to how these documents are to be ordered and presented for submission to their local registrars. Meeting with your local DAR or SAR chapter registrar is a good first step in getting it right.

Heritage Consulting has assisted numerous clients in gathering the documentation needed for each generation to qualify for DAR and SAR membership. One of our clients has achieved a special honor of proving 25 ancestors as Revolutionary War Patriots, meeting the required standard for each one. We stand ready to assist you in this noble achievement.

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