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“Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Professional Genealogy Research by Heritage Consulting

Each professional genealogy research case is marvelously unique, depending on the place, time period, and availability of records. Speak directly to professional genealogists Stan or Raquel about your specific genealogy research questions. We can evaluate your particular case over the phone, and give you an idea of what sort of results you can reasonably expect. We will share with you our ideas for a plan of action, as an overview of our proposed genealogy research strategy.

We look forward to helping you find success in expanding your pedigree, and we relish the challenge. We have at our fingertips millions of printed and microfilmed records, as well as numerous subscription websites for researching outside the scope of the Family History Library. A free telephone consultation is our pleasure. Contact us today at 877-537-2000 for your professional genealogy research needs.

Our hourly rate is $90, with discounts for projects of 20 hours or more. We are proud of our long-standing reputation as the highest quality research firm with the best value.

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The capstone of our professional genealogical service is the bound research report, presented to the client upon completion of the project, or sent by Priority Mail. In the report, the researcher explains the significance of each document in a clear and concise manner. Professional genealogists have the capability to analyze various aspects of each document, and the implications and clues provided. You will receive:

  • A professionally written, footnoted report, detailing the research process and analyzing the findings.
  • A research calendar, or list of all the sources searched, with comments on what each source provided.
  • Pedigree charts and family group sheets showing the new family information gathered during the current session of research.
  • Copies of the supporting documents, which are numbered to correspond with the footnotes in the report. The documents are fully analyzed and explained in the body of the report.
  • All of these are comb-bound in a keepsake cover with protective plastic, to ensure that the research results will endure and be treasured for generations to come. Larger projects are presented to the client in binders.


We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have given us repeat business over the years. Let us help you solve the puzzle of your difficult genealogy research problems.

Sample Reports

Here are some examples of what a finished genealogy research report looks like. Keep in mind that in addition to the professionally written report and research log, you will receive the relevant pedigree charts and family group sheets, and photocopies of all the documents accumulated during the research session. These are all bound together in a keepsake cover for future generations to treasure. The following reports represent the efforts of a typical ten hour project.

Harrison Family Ancestry

Gassaway Family Ancestry


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