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At Heritage Consulting Genealogical Research Services, we offer general ancestry research, and much more. We have an outstanding probate and heirship researcher with many years of experience in probate research and estate research working with attorneys to find heirs to estates. These same skills are employed in searches for long-lost living relatives. Contact us today to learn more about our genealogy research services.

We have experts in many different nationalities, and in the various regions of the United States.

Our professional genealogists underscore their excellent genealogy research with a professionally written report. The research report explains the step-by-step process, the reasons for each search, and an analysis of the results.

Anyone can go on the Internet and with a few clicks produce a pedigree. But skilled, seasoned professional genealogists know that the Internet is full of misinformation that may have been perpetuated through the generations. At Heritage Consulting, we use the clues provided by compiled sources, but we seek verification from the original documents.

Experienced professional genealogists know how to analyze information for accuracy. They can detect a variety of clues from a census or death certificate that will lead them to other record sources. A creative professional uses a variety of sources to piece together the ancestral lineage. These skills come from many years of experience.

Sample Reports

Here are some examples of what a finished genealogy research report looks like. Keep in mind that in addition to the professionally written report, you will receive the relevant pedigree chart and family group sheets, and photocopies of all the documents accumulated during the research session. These are all bound together in a keepsake cover for future generations to treasure. The following reports represent the efforts of a typical ten hour project.

Harrison Family Ancestry

Gassaway Family Ancestry


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