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“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.”
-Chinese proverb

Genealogy Testimonials

Our goal is to provide the highest quality genealogy help for a reasonable price, so that our clients will want to continue, and in the hope that they will tell their friends about us. We have hundreds of grateful clients from over the years, and here are a few of their comments on our genealogy help, contact us today to learn more about our professional genealogy consultations today.

“Hi Raquel…I wanted to thank you for the great work you all did on my family genealogy.  The books have been so special to go through and connect with my ancestors.  I feel like I know them and now more than ever I know my heritage.  My Mother’s 80th birthday is in March 2017 and she will be delighted to have these.  Again…thank you and everyone involved in providing our family a look into the past that we could never have done on our own!”
Pam B., Virginia

“Just a note to thank you for the excellent results of your genealogical research on my family history. You went beyond my expectations and I am more than happy with the results. The end product booklet shows all the time you dedicated to the research. I would recommend you to anyone interested in tracing their family history.”
Paul T., New Jersey

“I received the information from your company regarding the research I requested on my mother’s maiden name Murphy. Besides arriving weeks earlier than I anticipated, I wanted to let you know I think your company does ‘Awesome’ work. The package was professional, flowed and was easy to read and understand. I’m very impressed, and I would like to have more research done…”
Roy D., Illinois

I’ve reviewed the written report that I received in the mail with the running commentary, logs, and raw reference material.  It is superbly organized and referenced.  Having a Ph.D. and taught at the Doctoral level along with guiding grad students through their dissertations, I thoroughly appreciate how well documented the report is. You have done a great job!  I can’t thank you enough.”
Bruce B., South Carolina

A watershed event in our family is about to take place. Very excited. You and your wife are a real blessing for our family. We wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are without you. You don’t realize, you can’t realize, how much this mean to us. You are truly doing a wonderful service for all of us, and for many people in my family up and down who don’t know who you are, but they will . . . .”
Brian B., California

“Dear Raquel,
I wish to express sincere, warm and profound thanks and admiration for the extensive genealogy research that you and your team have completed for me.
You have assessed vague, sometimes rambling, often incomplete family “clues” I have sent to you and have found solid facts that clearly interpret and display long lost or misunderstood family information.
I am grateful for your capabilities and reports for many reasons. You know of genealogy resources that are far beyond my ability to locate or explore. Your dedicated and patient analysis creates firm results whereas my amateurish and moderately impatient approach has produced superficial and faulty results. Of significance, you can piece together large quantities of relationships in an orderly manner; I often tend to lose track after I have linked together about 8 or 10 generations of just one ancestor. Your reports are always very well written.
I believe that all of us must admit that genealogy work is a complicated process. I will call it an ‘art.’ I thank you for your professionalism.”

Richard Gray, Captain, U. S. Navy, Retired

“My Bible took me back to my great-great-great grandfather who went to Ohio from Pennsylvania, but I was unable to confirm his parents in Pennsylvania. Heritage Consulting found a will that documented a son with the correct name who had moved to Ohio which was the link that was needed to confirm family tradition and then go back several more generations.
I have used Heritage Consulting on many occasions to fill in the gaps that I cannot fill in for myself. I find their services to be reliable and thorough and intend to use them regularly in the future.”
John Y., Florida

“Dear Raquel and the Heritage Team,
“Your research leaves no stone unturned. After many years of using your outstanding team I should no longer be surprised at your discoveries and even those bombshells. You have amazed me from the time you broke through that Brooks brick wall that befuddled historians for thirty years by delivering the rightful James Brooks, my own ancestor. I value the enthusiasm, meticulous methodology you bring to the task; but I especially appreciate your comprehensive analysis in the research summary. Yes, I enjoy those surprises, too!”
Cynthia F., Texas

I want to thank you so much for the research you did for me on the Keyes-Lazenby families. It is worth every dollar I spent. You spent a lot of time on this, and covered areas I would never have thought of and filled in many blanks for me.
I will recommend you and Stan for research to my genealogy friends.”
Clarissa F., Washington

“Having worked in the probate research field for over 20 years, which utilizes genealogical research extensively, I can say that Stan Lindaas has the most thorough knowledge of genealogical resources. Stan’s expertise, excitement, and in-depth work have generated needed information and documentation when no one else could. Stan has made numerous connections worldwide which enable him to locate resources others cannot. Stan is zealous in his endeavors and leaves no possible resource untouched. Stan can take a small piece of the puzzle and find the others necessary to provide a complete picture of a family’s heritage. I highly encourage anyone seeking family history to utilize Stan’s services.”
Jeanne F., Indiana

“I just can’t get over how much stuff you have tied together. It just amazes me. Just goes to show you can’t always believe what you think you see. I would have never been able to pull all those strings together… Again, I would like to thank you.”
Joyce L., Arizona

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