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  1. Martha McMillen says:

    I am interested in gifting the family a chart of family heritage for Christmas if this is affordable. I think that it would be a gift of importance for them and more appreciated than most.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Joey sparacio says:

    Hello, my name is Joey Sparacio and I am Sicillian Italian. My father took the 23 and me dna test and it came up Italian, middle eastern, north African, Scandinavian, Iberian (spanish), and Balkin (Greek). However, the test cuts off at the year 1690. I was always curious if there was French ancestry in my family. we looked into my moms family and she is, italian, greek, irish, english, scottish, and german, but not french. Is it possible to trace back past the 1600s into the 15,14,13, and 1200s? If you could please email me or call me at 631-707-0471 that would be extremely helpful! thank you!

  3. Brandon Wiggins says:

    I’m really interested in finding out a little more about my family history, particularly my Native American ancestry. I was always told that i have Native blood in my family and recently confirmed this through DNA testing. I would like to be able to pinpoint exactly what tribe and a person if all possible. Is this something that is all possible? Both sides of my family come from Southern Virginia/North Carolina. Both sides claim Native ancestry.

  4. nick kilburg says:

    I have a tree done I’m(my mom) is just stuck on one person. I can not find any record. Conrad Kilburg he came to the united states from Austria but Born 1863 Varjas, Austria Hungary and Dies 1903 ?? my mom has worked on it for a long time. Its on Ancestry.com She has been stuck for a long time on this person.. She knows the ship he came over on. She just cant find any Birth or baptism or death record…. My mom has gotten real sick and I would like to solve this one piece for her. I can share the tree if it helps quote a price

  5. William Kiley says:

    I have done research thru the Mormon Family Research library and Family Search web site. I’m satisfied with information about the family line from 1860 Minnesota census until now. My interest is in where my ancestor came from in Ireland, how he got to the USA and where he landed in the US, approximately 1840.
    John Keily (b. 1809 Ireland, d. 10 Dec. 1884))(spelling has changed to Kiley approx. 1844) had a son in Pennsylvania in 1840, Timothy Keily. From there three more children were born in New York (not sure where in NY). The “Kelly” family show up in the 1850 census, Southport, Chemung, New York. Regardless of the change of spelling, all parent and children’s names match up with the Keily family listed in Minnesota census 1860. John Keily’s death record shows that he arrived in Minnesota in 1857.
    My Family Search web page and history is William Britt Kiley (WB).
    I hope this information is of help if we can reach an agreement for your help.

  6. Ralph Calhoun May Jr says:

    I am beginning a sincere search for the birth place of my Great, Great, Great, Great Grand Father Martin May Sr
    Born 1760-1766 and died 1834-1838 in Yadkinville, NC.
    We have a pretty good idea of his children and their children.
    I would like to know what your approach would be to get the answer to this question?

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